Video monitoring that’s simple

Connect any camera* on any network to intelligent video search & alerts.

Make your cameras intelligent

Get your cameras cloud-connected with the GanzCloud Box. Any camera can have secure, unlimited storage for 30-day video history, real-time human and object detection, natural language search, and smart alerts.

GanzCloud learns what you find interesting from the way you use it, and GanzCloud Box uses that learning to pre-filter video events on your local network as a fast and efficient video gateway to the cloud.

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Bandwidth-efficient & inexpensive

Unlike cameras that upload continuously or upon pixel motion detection, each GanzCloud Box handles 3 video streams without bogging down your Internet connection. Plus, it supports cameras that are 5x cheaper than cloud-tethered cameras while showing relevant video events 10x faster than wading through hours of recorded video.

Outdoor Nightvision Camera
Network Video Recorder
+All others

Any video stream* works

1-minute setup

Just scan the QR code on the GanzCloud Box package to open the page in any Web browser. Then choose the cameras you want connected to GanzCloud. That's it!

GanzCloud automatically discovers the cameras on your local network to start recording their RTSP video streams. No fussing with Ethernet ports, cables, router configuration or temporary WiFi hotspots.
Watch the video.

Set up in less than a minute.
Search [swimmer] or [minivan] in less than a second.

Modern Machine Learning

GanzCloud Box was born out of frustration with the insecure and outdated firmware of hundreds of top-selling security cameras that were otherwise quite capable of producing beautiful HD video streams for as little as $40 per camera.

Without support for modern technology standards like SSL, secure authentication, and Machine Learning, the cameras served only as live-viewing novelty toys with insecure remote access.

The latest generation of cameras were excessive in their bandwidth consumption, using 1.2mbps per camera in continuously streaming to the cloud. So even people that could afford to drop $299 on each cloud-tethered camera had no way to use more than 1 or 2 cameras without family members or co-workers complaining about their bogging-down the Internet connection.

So GanzCloud is making the modern firmware that powers GanzCloud Box freely available to all camera and NVR makers. Someday, every camera will be capable and secure on its own. But until then, GanzCloud Box brings the future of intelligent video monitoring to all cameras and NVRs.*

dog alert
sport utility vehicle alert

Smart search & alerts from any camera


See the highlights at-a-glance no matter where you are. Get super-fast search and alerts from any camera with this combination of local analysis and cloud processing.

With GanzCloud Box, 24x7 cloud-based video history is efficient. Box’s continuous collaboration with the advanced Machine Learning in the cloud reduces costs and improves the quality of video monitoring. Learn More.

Why it’s better

Low Bandwidth Usage 1/10th Internet bandwidth usage 1.2Mbps per camera
Best Camera Choice Any video source, open API Tethered cameras, vendor lock-in
Secure Unlimited Storage Encrypted, replicated, unlimited Disk failures, vulnerable
Smart Search & Alerts Instant access, precise alerts Tedious playback, false alerts
Plus, GanzCloud Box creates low-resolution accelerated timelapse videos when nothing is happening, so you get 24x7 coverage without the bandwidth usage of 24x7 streaming uploads.

State-of-the-art video monitoring

GanzCloud is the smartest way to monitor your video. There’s no lock-in. You have the freedom to choose the right cameras, start small, and grow to any size.


3x1080p streams

  • ARM® Cortex®-A53(ARMv8) 1.5GHz quad core CPUs
  • Gigabit Ethernet
  • AC power adapter
Each Box handles 3 1080p video streams

Box Pro

10x1080p streams

  • Intel Core i5-7200
  • 256GB Solid State Drive
  • 2 x Intel I211 Gigabit Ethernet
  • AC power adapter
Each Box Pro handles 10x1080p video streams

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*Nearly all cameras and NVRs provide the required H.264 RTSP video stream, but some don't. Learn more.
The maximum number of video streams per Box varies by video encoding. Learn more.