1. Paid Accounts
    1. GanzCloud offers you the option to record your own Content (such as images, video, audio, text) for a fee. The fee may also cover specific levels of Content processing services that you choose at the time of payment.
      GanzCloud accepts payments through Stripe and will charge your Credit Card when you subscribe to paid services. If GanzCloud is unable to process your transaction using your chosen payment method, Ganz Security reserves the right to revoke access to your GanzCloud account. If you have no remaining paid days of service, Ganz Security reserves the right to convert your GanzCloud Paid Account to a Unpaid Account.
  2. Billing
    1. The fees for your Paid Account will be charged monthly, starting the day you subscribe to paid services. Use the Account link to see your remaining days of service. All fees and charges are non-refundable and there are no refunds or credits for partially used days of service.
  3. Canceling your Account
    1. GanzCloud Paid Accounts are prepaid and are non-refundable. You can cancel your GanzCloud Paid Account by going to the Account page and clicking 'Cancel Subscription'. By signing up for a GanzCloud Paid Account, you hereby agree to these terms and conditions.
    2. The Content you uploaded to GanzCloud using your Paid Account may remain accessible to you for the rolling-window archive period of the Service and will be deleted as that Content ages past that period.
  4. Unpaid Accounts
    1. GanzCloud allows you to view Content explicitly shared with you by invitation from another GanzCloud Paid Account and to view your cameras live. Ganz Security reserves the right to terminate Unpaid Accounts at any time, with or without notice. For additional information about your GanzCloud Plus, Pro or Unpaid Account, please see the GanzCloud Terms of Service.

Last modified: January 22, 2018